Slaying Energy Vampires

Did you know that you’re sharing your home with “energy vampires”—electronic and electrical devices that continues to suck electricity even when turned off? On average, these items are responsible for up to an estimated 10 percent of the electricity you use every month.

One way to identify  energy vampires is to look for devices with remote controls—TVs, DVRs, and audio equipment, for example. Then target gaming consoles, computers, monitors, and printers as well as chargers for cells phones, iPods, small DVD players, and laptops. Chargers draw energy even when they’re not charging anything.

An easy way to seal the coffin on energy vampires is to plug components of your  computer or home entertainment system into a power strip. With a single flip of a switch, you can fully cut power to them.

In addition, don’t forget to unplug any appliances—such as coffee makers and toaster ovens— with digital clocks when you aren’t using them.

For other tips on how to save energy—and money—visit or call the efficiency experts at Cass County Electric at (701) 356-4400 or 800-248-3292.

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