STOP EPA, support NORTH DAKOTA’s Regional Haze Plan

North Dakota’s Regional Haze Plan is the best plan for air quality and for Cass County Electric Co-op member rates! 

How would the EPA plan affect you?

Your electric rates could increase by 20 percent or more!

▪ Minnkota Power Cooperative, Cass County Electric’s power supplier, recently spent more than $425 million to install new Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) scrubbers and install Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) and Over-Fire Air (OFA) technology, reducing SO2 by 95 percent and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) by 55 to 60 percent, so Minnkota will already meet North Dakota’s Regional Haze standards.

▪ The state of North Dakota submitted its State Implementation  Program (SIP) to EPA for approval. EPA rejected the state plan and has announced that it will impose its own Federal Implementation Program (FIP) to force certain North Dakota facilities, including Minnkota’s power plant, to install controls that are significantly more costly than the state’s proposal – without perceptibly improving visibility. Additionally, the EPA’s suggested technology, is not proven to work on North Dakota’s unique cyclone lignite-fired boilers.

(Retail rates could increase up to 25 percent).

▪ If Minnkota were forced to add Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) under EPA’s proposal, Minnkota’s costs would increase 30-35% — without any significant improvement in air quality.

▪ North Dakota’s air is among the nation’s cleanest. In 2010, the American Lung Association gave Oliver County (home to Minnkota’s Milton R. Young Station) and Mercer County (home to several coal-fired power plants), along with six other North Dakota counties, an “A” grade for lack of ozone, also known as smog.

▪  EPA is ignoring North Dakota’s authority and local knowledge. Share your opinion with EPA and your legislator.

Go to and make your voice heard!

Every voice counts.

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