Memories of a member

Paul Gage, Cass County Electric member

Throughout 2012 we will be including memories from our members in each issue of Highline Notes. These memories are from members who remember when electricity first came to the rural areas. The following is from member Paul Gage:

I had bought a farm in 1946 that had never had any form of electrical service. So, with the promise of high line power in the next few years, I purchased a 3000 watt alternating current generator with an automatic panel to provide electricity for my farmstead. In addition to providing lights, I was able to pump water, run the milking machine and cream separator as well as the laundry equipment in the house. So, getting buildings wired for electrical service I was anxious for the high line to come. Lines were finally energized the afternoon of Sept 1st, 1950. My bride of only two and a half months was all smiles as she cooked supper on our
new Monarch electric range. What great dependable service CCE Co-op provided all the years we lived on our farm until Oct. 1992 when we retired (42 years).

Paul and Marilyn Gage
Section 34, Minnie Lake Township
Barnes County
Oriska, ND

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