5 Ways to Spring Into Energy Efficiency

Spring is a perfect time of year to make your home more energy-efficient.  Here are five quick tips that will save both energy and money. To learn about additional ways to cut your energy bill this spring, visit TogetherWeSave.com, or contact an energy expert at Cass County Electric Cooperative at 701-356-4400 or 800-248-3292.

1. Seal the cracks and gaps around your home.  Spring may be the right time to put away those storm windows, but it is also a good time to add weather-stripping and caulking around leaky window panes.  TogetherWeSave.com shows how easy it is to use a caulking gun to seal up leaks around your house around doors, vents, ductwork and windows.  

2. Change filters regularly. Furnace and air conditioner filters need to be changed monthly and this can really help lower monthly energy bills.  Dirty filters can restrict air flow and reduce the overall efficiency of your cooling system and make it work even harder on hot summer days.

3. Clean the refrigerator inside and out.  Now is a good time to not only throw out the leftover fruit cake from the holidays, but also to check the temperature settings on your refrigerator.  Ideally, a refrigerator’s temperature should be between 37 and 40 degrees for maximum operating efficiency.
When it’s time to replace that old refrigerator, be sure to buy an ENERGY STAR® rated appliance. 

4. Think sun block.  TogetherWeSave.com demonstrates that by pulling the shades on your windows this spring and summer, you could save money.  Your local hardware or do-it-yourself stores has many inexpensive window coverings. Best of all, by blocking the sun, your house will stay cool and comfortable year-round.

5. Enjoy the spring breezes.  Use a clothesline throughout the warmer months to let the sun and breeze dry clothes naturally.  This will reduce both energy and water bills, and add a genuine clean scent to your family’s laundry.

You can learn more about ways to lower your monthly energy bill by visiting TogetherWeSave.com or by calling the energy experts at Cass County Electric Cooperative.

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2 Responses to 5 Ways to Spring Into Energy Efficiency

  1. When your electric cooking stove does not work right the heating elements and the elements ont top of the stove.Its a real old stove its one of them old yellow ones way back in the days and rent and I’ve reported to my landlord . They haven’t done nothing about it they replace the refrig and washerand dryer but not the stove. Please help me I pay a lot for eletric and we are disabled.

    • kwhonline says:

      Hi Nancy! Like you mentioned, reporting the element problem to your landlord is where you should start. Are you a Cass County Electric member? Call us and we can give you tips on saving energy (701-356-4400) or if you use a different utility, they too could offer you tips and give suggestions. Thanks for the comment!

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