The Ugly Fridge Contest is back!

How old and inefficient is your refrigerator? Enter Cass County Electric Cooperative’s Ugly Fridge Contest and you could win a new ENERGY STAR refrigerator.

To enter, send a picture of your inefficient refrigerator along with your name and address to or CCEC, 3312 42nd St S, Suite 200 Fargo, ND 58104. See contest rules below.

Winners of the 2011 contest, Matt and Stephanie Kalinowski, stand next to their “ugly fridge”.

When Stephanie Kalinowski entered Cass County Electric Cooperative’s first Ugly Fridge contest in the fall of 2009, she thought she and her husband, Matt, had a great chance of winning. The couple didn’t turn out to be the lucky winners, but threw their name in the hat for the second contest. Stephanie figured, “one of these times, we’re going to win.” And she was right. The couple, who’ve lived in Christine for about three years, was thrilled to win a new refrigerator. One of the next projects in renovating their home is to redo the kitchen. With the new refrigerator, they have something to build the new room around. “The new fridge is one less expense when we remodel… and it is so nice to have a freezer that works!” said Stephanie.

The home was moved from Edmore, ND to Christine when Matt’s grandparents gave the couple the house as a gift. The home was built by Matt’s great-grandfather and grandfather.

“It is kind of a dream house, in a different way,” explained Stephanie.
Since placing it on their land in Christine, the couple has been trying to fix it up, room by room.

Not only is their new fridge more of a common sized fridge, it is

Stephanie Kalinowski stands next to her new ENERGY STAR fridge.

much more efficient. The Energy Guide on the new refrigerator estimates the yearly cost at $58, using 547 kWh/ year. When Cass County Electric visited the Kalinowskis to take a picture of their old refrigerator, we plugged the fridge into a Kill-a-Watt meter, to find out how much energy it used. We found that the old fridge used 3.4 kWh/ cubic foot/ month, while the new refrigerator will use 1.9 kWh/ cubic foot/ month.

Old refrigerators, especially those bought before 1993, use more than twice as much electricity as a new ENERGY STAR model. What’s more, refrigerants in these older appliances weaken over time and door seals start to leak, causing a decline in performance.

If you have moved your old refrigerator to an uninsulated location, such as a garage, it will use even more energy during hot weather. A fridge in a 90 degree environment, for example, uses nearly 50 percent more power than one in a 70 degree environment. And if the temperature falls below about 40 degrees in winter, the refrigerator’s thermostat may not run its cooling and defrost cycles for the appropriate amount of time. By pulling the plug on that old refrigerator, you can save over $100 a year.


• Must be a CCEC member.

• Refrigerator must be in use in kitchen in CCEC service territory.

• Ugly fridge pictures will be put into a random drawing to determine winner.

• CCEC will dispose of your old refrigerator.

• New refrigerator will be chosen by CCEC.

• Entry must be received by Nov. 30.

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