Meet the candidates

Join us for the CCEC annual meeting on Monday, April 22 at Ramada Plaza Crystal Ballroom in Fargo. Registration, meal and entertainment begin at 5:30 p.m.

Meet the District 5-3 2013 director candidates:

David CrocketDavid J. Crockett
I want to be a CCEC director because of my long-term interest in the asset management, and preferred combination of debt and equity in financing utilities and how these factors and renewable sources of energy influence utility rates.  I believe that my work and service experiences will enable me to be an effective representative of CCEC’s customers, employees and other stakeholders.  My work experiences include 25 years of collegiate teaching and owning a home building business, and 17 years at MSUM as Vice President of Administrative Affairs and Dean of the College of Business and Industry.

Maynard HelgaasMaynard Helgass
President, Green Vision Group, Inc
For my entire life I have enjoyed working in the field of agriculture in rural communities and recognize their value to our state. Rural electric cooperatives have been the building blocks for this development, and will play an even greater role as a new paradigm emerges with the advent of growth in the agriculture and energy sectors.  I want to be a part of this great opportunity not only for CCEC, our counties, cities and the state, but also for the development of commerce on our farms and in our rural communities.

Gary KellerGary Keller
Vice President Correspondent Banking, Bell State Bank & Trust; Vice President DocuShred, Inc.
As a candidate for Director, I bring a broad range of experience and talent to the Board. I am a graduate from NDSU with a 37 year Commercial and Ag Banking career.  During my banking career I also served 20 years with the North Dakota Air National Guard, owned and operated a cow calf operation for 15 years, and presently own a paper and electronic destruction/recycling company.  As a Director I will work with and challenge management to continue to provide reliable service as cost effective as possible, while providing this service safely and efficiently.

KnodleMerril Knodle
I am running for the CCEC Board of Directors from District 5-3 because I have an interest in electrical systems and their management. My background is in finance and management, with experience in the Air National Guard and small city government as a city commissioner. I participated in the management of the municipal electric system. My diverse background and 36 years working for a cooperative make me a good candidate for the District 5-3 position. I have worked with many members and agri-businesses in the communities serviced by CCEC and have the experience needed for this position.

Greg MitzelGlenn D. Mitzel
Software Engineer
Growing up on a rural cooperative and then interning in engineering with a similar cooperative during college, I’ve experienced both sides of the, “My power is out!” call, which is normally the only interaction most Members have with their cooperative (outside of a monthly statement). Now living in an urban area of this cooperative I can see the infrastructure needs to support high-density areas and how that must balance with rural members’ needs. I believe my experiences with cooperatives and my engineering background will allow me to make good decisions for the Members as the board faces decisions regarding facilities investments, load management, and future rate structures.

Roberta MohagenRoberta Fair Mohagen
As a retired Business Education teacher, I have the skills and background to be an effective leader and the time to devote to this position.  I was well acquainted with the benefits of the cooperative process in my classes, and I’ve spent much of my life in the governance of many different organizations (from small local groups to statewide education and philanthropic groups).  For us North Dakotans, energy development and management are important parts of our economic fabric, and I’m eager to be part of this dynamic organization.  We face many challenges as we move into the future, and I’m ready to put my skills to work for CCEC.

Marc RueMarc Rue
Business Owner
I grew up on a farm in Northern Minnesota. I learned through examples set by my parents and grandfather that serving your community is important. I observed active participation, open discussion and positive outcomes through people working together for common goals. I have tried to carry these lessons with me through my adult years and incorporated them into my life.  I believe this foundation along with my business background has prepared me to be a strong candidate for CCEC director.

Current CCEC Directors seeking re-election:

Berg, RussellRussell Berg
Horace, District 6



Froehlich, JohnJohn Froelich
Valley City, District 1

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