The Power of Membership

The following is an editorial written by Marshal Albright, VP of member and energy services. The editorial appeared in the June/July issue of Highline Notes.

As a member of Cass County Electric Cooperative, you are also an owner. As a Touchstone Energy Cooperative, we strive to provide dependable electricity at a competitive cost to every member. But as a member, you have the power: the power to have a voice in how the co-op is run; the power to energize and enhance your life with affordable electricity; and to save money through responsible energy use and giving back to our local communities through Operation Round-up. The power is all yours. It’s up to you to turn it on.

Being a member-owner of CCEC, you can feel confident that decisions are made in the best interest of your community. These decisions are made by a local board of directors, who are members just like you, which you elect. Most employees are members as well.

Last year we celebrated our 75th Anniversary and since inception your cooperative has grown to over 38,300 members. Last year we sold more than 1,000,000,000 kWh of electricity to power your community from energy generated right here in North Dakota. In the early years of the cooperative, the price for electricity was around 5 cents per kilowatt hour. Today the average cost is around 10 cents per kilowatt hour, about double the cost from 1937.

The electricity CCEC provides is essential for everyday life and is often taken for granted and expected to be on ALL the time. Now, more than ever, we depend on electricity every minute of the day. Through innovation and new technology, CCEC is doing everything we can to keep electricity reliable and affordable.

Affordable electricity. While so many things we buy have climbed steadily over the years, electricity is still one of the best values out there. That is comforting to know, because electricity is essential to energizing our lives and keeping us connected more than ever. As mentioned, electricity has doubled in price since 1937. The cost to purchase goods and services has no doubt increased over time. The following list shows how prices have changed:

                   1937           Today          Increase
Coffee        $.15/lb        $7.43/lb        49x
Eggs           $.27/doz     $1.97/doz      7x
Bacon         $.38/lb       $4.51/lb         12x
Gas             $.10/gal     $3.65/gal       36x
Car              $665          $25,015          38x
Electricity  $.05/kwh  $.10/kwh       2x

When we work together, using energy wisely and saving money go hand in hand. With helpful energy efficient tools and resources from CCEC, doing both is easier than you think. Start by visiting and clicking on the “Together We Save” link and then take a room-by-room walkthrough with the Virtual Home Tour and learn how simple responsible energy use practices can add up to big savings. We also have energy experts on staff to assist you with questions about electricity use.

One of the benefits of being a member-owner of CCEC is that your membership means more than just affordable electricity. With the Co-op Connections® Card, it also can add savings at hundreds of participating local and national retailers. Visit for more information. It’s just another way we’re looking out for our member-owners.

To show our appreciation for our member-owners we are holding a member appreciation event at the Red River Zoo on August 18 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.  Admission is FREE, so come join your friends and neighbors for a day at the zoo.

Remember…the power is yours. It’s up to you to turn it on!

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