Apartment Living: Energy Efficiency Style

Simple energy conservation measures can lower your utility bills while increasing the comfort of your apartment. Although your landlord or management company is ultimately responsible for your building’s energy efficiency, you can make money-saving energy decisions in your own home.

Many ways for cutting electricity costs in houses also apply to apartments. You can reduce electricity use in your apartment by focusing on these areas:

Appliances and electronics
• Purchase energy-efficient products and utilize any efficiency-related settings. These include microwaves, toasters, computers, alarm clocks, televisions, stereos, DVD players, and room air conditioners, etc.

• Purchase energy-efficient lighting products, like compact fluorescent lamps. Switch lights off when not in use, and incorporate more daylight into your apartment using windows, window treatments, and skylights.

Heating and Cooling
You might need permission from your landlord or management company to implement some of these, or ask that they do the work:
• Caulk and weather strip around windows and exterior doors.
• Carefully select, install, and use window treatments or coverings. • Using a ceiling or area fan will make the air cooler. However, use fans only if you are in the room. Running the fan doesn’t actually lower the temperature; it just makes you feel cooler.

Water Heating
Again, you might need permission from your landlord or management company to implement some of these:
• Reduce hot water use.
• Lower your water heating temperature.
• Insulate your water heater tank and pipes.
• Install a timer and use off-peak power.

For more information on energy efficiency, visit http://www.eere.energy.gov/

Source: U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

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