The Gifts That Keep on Giving

When shopping for loved ones this year, consider buying energy efficient products. Not only will your recipients love their gifts, they’ll love what these gifts can do for their electricity bills as well. Below are just a few ideas of energy-saving gifts for those you cherish:

For the gadget-lovers:

  • Smart power strips. For those electric-powered tools and gadgets you wrap up this holiday season, be sure to include a smart power strip to reduce power usage when products are not being utilized. By giving the gift of a smart power strip that places electronics into standby mode when they are not being used, you can save your gadget-loving friends or relatives up to 10 percent on their monthly energy bills.
  • Rechargeable batteries. No matter what gadget you give as a gift, pair it with some rechargeable batteries. You’ll save the gift opener the hassle of having to purchase their own batteries before they can use the gift. Plus, if you throw in a charger too, they can continue to reuse the same batteries throughout the life of the gadget.


For the kitchen-dwellers:

  • Pots and pans. Buying specific types of cookware can increase the rate at which food is heated on the stove or in the oven. For your friends and relatives who love to cook, new pots and pans make great gifts. Purchase pans with copper bottoms that will heat up more quickly and evenly than regular pans on the stove. Or, buy ceramic and glass pans for those who cook a variety of meals in the oven, as these dishes cook food more efficiently than their metal counterparts.
  • ENERGY STAR appliances. If you have a bigger budget (or even just an extra-deserving friend/relative), a new appliance is an extraordinary gift idea. For the parent who has been using the same refrigerator for more than 15 years or the friend with a full sink and a leaky dishwasher, a new ENERGY STAR appliance will certainly be well-received. Not only will the appliances work better and last longer, they will result in significant cost savings as well.


For the entertainment gurus:

  • Energy Forward TVs. Televisions are responsible for a large portion of a household’s energy consumption. Buying a television with the Energy Forward label on it ensures your cinema-loving friends and family will have the most energy efficient entertainment out there. When in doubt, always choose an LED TV over a Plasma display to significantly reduce electricity costs.
  • Newer game consoles. For video game aficionados, the newest gaming systems are sure to be at the top of the holiday wish list. Fortunately, these systems have made huge advancements in energy efficiency. The newest and hottest consoles on the market, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, are nearly twice as energy efficient as their predecessor models.


For the workaholics:

  • Updated technology. Computers are huge power consumers. For your tech-savvy friend or relative with outdated technology, consider purchasing a laptop or tablet that can be used in place of his/her old desktop computer. These more mobile devices are a great alternative because they use much less energy than desktop PCs. If a laptop or tablet isn’t the right option for the person you’re gifting to this holiday, consider the gift of an LCD monitor to replace any old CRT monitors. This switch will also offer substantial energy savings.
  • LED desk lamp. For the late-night workers, an LED desk lamp provides a smart, energy-efficient alternative to standard incandescent bulb lamps. These lights do not get as hot as traditional bulbs, and they last much longer. An LED lamp is sure to be a welcome addition to any workaholic’s desk.



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