Winter Expectations for Off-Peak Members

ImageMinnkota, Cass County Electric Cooperative’s wholesale power supplier, recently published an article in the Minnkota Messenger explaining what off-peak members should expect with regard to control hours during the winter months. The article explained that members who rely on off-peak electric heat should anticipate an average number of load management hours.

Based on a variety of factors, such as weather conditions, market prices and power plant operations, Minnkota is predicting an estimated 245 hours of load control in the winter.

“If our power supply resources perform well, we will have power to serve our loads at almost all hours during the winter season,” said Todd Sailer, Minnkota energy supply manager. “The challenge comes when we have unplanned outages or during extreme cold periods, when the demand for electricity is high.”

Sailer also mentioned that off-peak members should not notice a difference when their primary heating system is controlled and a well-maintained backup system is in use. The benefit of participating are seen by both members and Minnkota. For Minnkota, the program allows plants to operate more efficiently without the power supplier needing to purchase power at a high cost and, in turn, increasing rates. For members, the off-peak electric rate results in significant savings.

“The cost to purchase and deliver power to the associated systems can change at a moment’s notice,” Sailer said. “The load management program protects consumers from the volatility of the market and prevents the need to build new power plants just to serve peak loads.”

If you are a Cass County Electric Cooperative member and want to learn more about our off-peak programs, call us at 701-356-4400.

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