High School Juniors and Seniors: Let Cass County Electric Cooperative Take You to D.C.

Time is running out! Cass County Electric Cooperative is looking for applicants for its annual Youth Tour in Washington, D.C. Each spring we send a high school sophomore or junior (must be a junior or senior in the fall of 2014) to Washington D.C. This year, we will be choosing two students to attend.

The winners will attend the trip with other students from other cooperatives in North Dakota. It is a great opportunity, and our past winners have been extremely pleased with the experience. To be eligible, the students and their parent(s)/guardian(s) must be a Cass County Electric member. To apply, students must write a two-page essay or create a poster on this topic: Cass County Electric Cooperative just celebrated our 75th Anniversary. Describe how rural electrification and rural electric cooperatives have contributed to the quality of life in North Dakota and your local community.

Please share this information with any eligible students you know. The essay/poster deadline is January 31, 2013.

Please contact Stephanie Villella at svillella@kwh.com or 701-356-4534 if you have any questions.


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