The Power of Membership

Mark your calendars! Cass County Electric Cooperative’s annual meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 22 at the Valley City Eagles Club.

This year’s theme is The Power of Membership. Because as a member, you have the power: the power to have a voice in how the co-op is run, the power to energize and enhance your life with affordable electricity and the power to save money through responsible energy use and giving back to our local communities.

Being a member/owner of your electric cooperative gives you:

The power of electricity: the ability to energize your home with the consistent, reliable power that you need in your everyday life.

The power of value: the ability to stay connected at an affordable rate of $0.11/kwh.


The power of working together: the ability to collaborate with your cooperative on how to conserve energy and save money.

The power of connections: the ability to save on more than just electricity, by presenting your Co-op Connections Card at participating businesses.

These are just a few of the ways it pays to be a cooperative member. We hope to see you at the annual meeting, where you can learn even more about the power of your cooperative membership.


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