Cass County Electric Cooperative Warns Members of Call Scam

Cass County Electric Cooperative is warning members of a reported calling scam involving utility customers. The culprits are placing phone calls to area residents and businesses claiming to be representatives of a utility company and threatening to turn power off if payment is not made by credit card immediately.

If you think you may have received a call from a scammer, or if you have a question regarding the status of your account, please contact CCEC directly.

To avoid being the victim of this scam and similar ones, CCEC recommends that members:

  • Consider when the call was made and whether or not this is the first you are hearing of the issue discussed in the call. If you receive a call outside of normal business hours or if you are told there is an issue with your account that does not sound familiar or accurate, hang up and call CCEC directly to verify whether or not the call you received was legitimate.
  • Consider the accuracy of the information being delivered in the call. Is the caller divulging specific information that pertains to you, or is he/she remaining generic enough to where the call could apply to anyone?
  • Avoid revealing any personal information to suspicious callers.
  • Call CCEC with a any questions at 701-356-4400.
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